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Honing Machines


Superfinishing machine


Superfinished turned parts



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Workpiece superfinishing is part of the various methods involved in fine machining and superfinishing work, and is always used when other manufacturing methods (e.g., precision turning, grinding, or burnishing) cannot provide the required characteristics or can only do so by incurring significant efforts, costs, etc.

With the superfinishing machine, Müller CNC Fertigungstechnik, located in Neuhaus, produces superfinished surfaces. This technology makes it possible to machine surfaces with an Rz value lower than 1µm.


Machine Specifications

• Control: Siemens NC/PLC control
• Max. workpiece diameter: 1.18 in (30 mm)
• Amplitude of vibration:
.118 in (3 mm)
• Vibration frequency:
1,500 double strokes / min
• Year of manufacture: 2006

Milling Machines


Hermle CNC milling machine C20


Hermle CNC milling machine C 30


EROWA plate-changing system


Hermle's C20 and C30 machines have allowed us to fully satisfy the growing requirements of our clients in regard to performance, output, and process reliability.

Moreover, EROWA's plate-changing system has made it possible to dramatically reduce downtimes due to necessary feeding work and therefore ensure a higher output level. Highly complex parts are no problem whatsoever for these machines, as they work with what is known as 5-axis/5-side machining.


Machine Specifications

• Travel (x-y-z axes):
23.6-17.7-17.7 in
(600-450-450 mm)

• Quick traverse: 147 ft / min
(45 m/min)

• Acceleration: 6 g

• Power: 32 kW

• Magazine compartments: 30

• Tool setting-up time: 5s

• Controller: Heidenhain


• Travel (x-y-z axes):
23.6-17.7-17.7 in
(600-450-450 mm)

• Quick traverse: 60 m / min
(45 m/min)

• Acceleration: 10 g

• Power: 32 kW

• Magazine compartments: 32
• Wz. Spannzeit: 4,5s

• Controller: Heidenhain

5-Axis Milling Machine


Hermle C 600 U


Heidenhain TNC Control




Our four Hermle CNC milling machines allow us to comfortably carry out the projects that we receive each day. 2 of the models are designed as 5-axis machining centers for simultaneous machining, and can be used to manufacture highly complex workpieces with MASTERCAM CAM software. As a result, difficult geometries and contours are child’s play for us.



Machine Specifications

• Travel:
X axis = 23.6 in (600 mm),
Y axis = 17.7 in (450mm),
Z axis = 17.7 in (450mm)
A= Swivelling axis,
B= Swivelling axis

• Spindle speed: 12,000 rpm

• Renishaw infrared measuring sensor

• Collision circle diameter :
23.6 in (600 mm)

• Workpiece weight: 2,645 lbs (1,200 kg)

• Quick traverse: 114 ft/min
(35 m/min

• Tool magazine with 30 tools

• Tool change: 5 sec.

CNC-Universal-Milling Machine


Hermle U 630 T


Heidenhain TNCcontrol






Machine Specifications

• Travel:
X axis = 24.8 in (630 mm),
Y axis = 19.7 in (500 mm),
Z axis = 19.7 in (500 mm)

• Quick traverse: 49 ft / min (15 m/min)

• Acceleration: Continuous
20-7,000 rpm

• Tool holder: ISO 40

• Angle plate:  35.4 in x 20.8 in (900 x 528 mm)

• Max. plate load: 881 lbs (400 kg)

• Tool changing system with 16 tools

CNC-Universal-Milling Machine


Hermle U 1000 T


Heidenhain TNC control






Machine Specifications

• Travel:
X axis = 3.9 in (100 mm),
Y axis = 24.8 in (630 mm),
Z axis = 21.7 in (550mm)

• Max. tool diameter: 3.14 (3.9) in (80 (100) mm)

• Max. tool length: 9.8 in
(250 mm)
• Max. tool weight: 13 lbs (6 kg)

• Quick traverse: 65 (49) ft/min  (20 (15) m/min)

• Spindle speed: Continuous
20-7,000 rpm

• Spindle holder: SK 40

• Angle plate: 35.4 in x 20.8 in (900 x 528 mm)

• Max. plate load: 2,204 lbs
(1,000 kg)

• Tool changing system with 16 tools





INDEX C100 Automatic Lathe


The INDEX C100 automatic lathe allows us to react quickly to the increasingly shorter timeframes between the moment in which an order is placed and the time when it must be delivered.  Thanks to full workpiece machining, high machine accuracy, quick traverse motion, and acceleration, we have made this a reality.

The INDEX C100 is used to manufacture workpieces that would require several work steps and manufacturing stages with conventional machining.

Machine Specifications

• Max. speed: 9,000 rpm

• Quick traverse:
196 ft / min (60 m/min)

• Acceleration: 1 g

• Spindle bore diameter:
1.65 in (42 mm)

• Turret: 14 driven stations per turret

CNC Swiss-Type Automatic Lathe


Star SV-32


Stangenlader FMB turbo


Best suited for use with materials that are difficult to machine and with highly complex workpieces, the SV-32 Swiss-type automatic lathe is perfect for all of today’s needs.
There are a total of nine independent, programmable axes available. The combination of two different tool systems (linear carriage and turret) results in important manufacturing advantages.
Techniques such as simultaneous turning, simultaneous boring, and simultaneous cross boring and cross milling make it possible to reduce production time, and the costs associated with it, dramatically.


Machine Specifications

Main Side:
• Max. headstock stroke:
12.2 in (310 mm)

• Driving power: 7.5 kW

• Main spindle speed: 7,000 rpm

• Linear carriage: 4 lathe tools,
3 cross/milling units


• Driving power: 2.8 kW

• Tool holders: 10 driven stations

• Driving power: 5.5 kW

• Sub-spindle speed:
7,000 rpm

• Max. sub-spindle diameter:
1.26 in (33 mm)

CNC Lathe


AVM Angelini, Snupy Model   


GE FANUC 12I-T control


12-tool turret with driven
C axis


Müller CNC-Fertigungstechnik uses three state-of-the-art Snupy CNC-controlled lathes for turning work. Two of the three
machines are equipped with a Breuning bar loader for small-scale production purposes. 
This bar loader ensures that material is fed in a trouble-free manner.

These machines, however, are not limited to this purpose when it comes to excellent performance and can be quickly and smoothly retooled for new workpieces and characteristics.



Machine Specifications

• Spindle driving power: 15 kW

• Main spindle speed: 4,500 rpm

• Max. rotating diameter: 9.84 in (250 mm)

• Max. continuous material diameter: 1.65 in (42 mm)

• Turret: 12 driven stations

• Tool holders: VDI 30

• Quick traverse feed motion:
Z axis: 787 in/min
(20,000 mm/min)
X axis: 630 in/min
(16,000 mm/min)

• Weight: 7,716 lbs (3,500 kg)

Workpiece clamping with collets and jaw chucks


VDI 30 tool holder